Echoes of Energy

Lately I find myself wanting to record my time in this world through words and photographs, creating snapshots of life, of my experience. My efforts always seem to fall short, though. They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but a thousand words can’t fully describe the energy of this world. The warmth in the drops of sunlight that trickle through the clouds; the vibration of shocking blue against puffy white; the sheer, unadulterated joy that my dog exudes as she bounds down the beach chasing the sea gulls; the soft brush of the briny breeze against my face and arms; the thump and splat of the wet sand beneath my feet; the sssSSSssswwWWooosshhhh of the surf; the force of the air holding the pelicans aloft in their graceful glide as they follow the scattering fish from above …how can a picture or words honestly capture it? They only allude to the energy.

Science says that energy is neither created nor destroyed. This I also believe about God, and so I have wondered, at times, if all of this energy around me contains a small lingering of His divine power. We are created in the image of God and all of creation reflects the truth of Him. Creation is like a photograph, a memory of the energy…like an echo of God, vibrations bouncing and reverberating against each other, creating a deep and continuous resonance throughout the universe. But even as awe inspiring as creation is, it is still only a photograph, an image, an echo of God. It is the reflection of Him, but it is not Him. How amazing He must be if this is His reflection! Imagine meeting Him face to face…experiencing Him!  This brings me great hope today…that those I love who have gone before me are now experiencing the wonder, the splendor, the magnificence…the true and unbridled ENERGY of the Living God!

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