My mother in law called me the other day to ask if I had put two pecans, one cracked and one whole, on my late husband’s grave marker. I was sitting in my driveway 4 hours away at the time and, not having been to our hometown in several months, I could honestly tell her that it wasn’t me. She reminded me that there is not a pecan tree within at least a football field’s length of the gravesite and asked me to help her figure out who put the nuts there. She laughed when I told her that I thought it was a sign from Ellis sent via the Holy Spirit and a squirrel to let her know that he’s okay and that he loves her… Now, before you write me off as completely crazy, let me assure you that those who are closest to me know that I truly am, but I am not insane. The Holy Spirit has gotten into a squirrel before! There was even a song written about it! For proof, I’ve provided a link to it below.   But, hear me out! First of all, it’s the perfect symbolism for Ellis. Those of you who knew him knew that he truly was a nut, and those of us who knew him best knew that he was a cracked one. He is most likely still a nut, but he has been made whole in the presence of God now. Secondly, the Holy Spirit has done bigger and crazier things before through animals…lets talk about talking asses and shutting up the mouths of lions and doves bringing olive branches…so don’t you laugh at me when I say that the Holy Spirit can get into a squirrel! And besides, even if it wasn’t a squirrel, he can use us humans too! Just look at all of the good that Mother Teresa did.  Do you think she could have done all of that on her own? I think not! Even small gestures that people don’t realize they are doing every day can touch others through the guidance of the Holy Spirit…So, whether you’re a squirrel or a dove, a lion or a human, or even an ass, if you put two pecans on Ellis’ grave the other day, let me thank you now for allowing yourself to be used by the Holy Spirit. You have brought some laughter and comfort to the hearts of a grieving wife and a grieving mother.


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