Please Pardon My Politics

I really try to stay out of political discussions, but this one is so very close to my heart that I feel I must say something today. As most of you know, my husband died from colon cancer last year. The nausea he experienced during his illness was debilitating. We tried everything and nothing worked for it but marijuana. He agonized over the decision to use it because it was illegal and he spent many months in misery before he finally decided that the nausea was more than he could bear. It is wrong to turn terminally ill people into criminals simply because they are trying to get relief from their suffering and have some quality of life. I thank God for creating a plant that can help us in such a way. Those who are afraid it will be abused should look around them at all of the much more addictive man made drugs that are legally and liberally given out by our trusted doctors every day. Abusers will find a way to abuse, but that is no reason to prevent those who truly need it from having access to it.
Below is a link for a petition I signed today. I urge those who live in North Carolina and who agree to sign the petition. Thanks!

Here is a link to the bill for those who would like to read it:

Feature photo from CNBC article, “A Look Inside Manhattan’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary.”

7 thoughts on “Please Pardon My Politics

    1. I’m so glad he was willing to use it! I tried to make this post as brief as possible so that people would read to the end. For that reason, I didn’t include the story of my own father who passed away 3 years ago from cancer. He refused to even try it because of the stigma of it. When I think about how much relief my husband received from it, it makes me sad for my father. He would have tried it if it had been legal.

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    1. Thank you, you’re so kind to check up on me! I have been a bit distracted in the last few weeks, but I’m hoping to catch up with things this weekend at the beach. I’ve been writing, just nothing I can post and I’ve completely stopped social media because it was taking over my life. I need to catch up on your photos! I miss them!

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      1. I’m glad you’re ok. I didn’t want to intrude but also just wanted to say hi and make sure all was well. I know the feeling of social media taking over. Running a blog and keeping up to date with everyone else’s can feel like a full-time job sometimes! 🙂 enjoy the beach!

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  1. I’m trying to get approved for the medical cannabis pilot program in Illinois, and have signed similar petitions in the past. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope one day it will be as convenient for patients to access medical marijuana as it is to stop at the pharmacy for an antibiotic Rx.

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