Aunt Jane 

Day 1

June 28

Hugs were exchanged all around before leaving the house and then we had a couple of stops before we were truly on the road. 
We met my friend Denise in Gastonia to return her run belt;

stopped by my friend Kelly’s house and saw her absolutely precious baby, Charlie Ray (I just want to pinch those adorable chubby cheeks!);

went by the cemetery and changed out flowers; and then we were off!

We only traveled as far as Asheville today. We’re staying with Aunt Jane at her new place tonight.

It’s a retirement village called Deerfield. I had this picture in my mind of a sad place with old people shuffling around, but this place is incredible and the people we have met are vibrant and alive! There is even a dance going on tonight. No waltzes and polkas for them, they are jammin’ out to the Bee Gees! (That’s MY music, so I don’t want to hear any comments from you younglings about it! Not a word! I am very protective of Barry Gibb…he was my first crush, after all!) I want to live here! They have trails to walk on, gorgeous flowers planted everywhere, amazing activities, and they even have a Spa! I’m not talking about just a massage room and a whirl pool either, I’m talking about a real, honest to goodness Spa! It reminds me of the Spa at Ballantyne Resort. The food is amazing too! Eli asked if he could just stay here while I traveled the country…I think that was the second bowl of ice cream at dinner talking, though!

My Aunt Jane isn’t blood related, but she is family. She is my mother’s best friend from high school and she has always been a part of my life. My mother used to say, “There are some things you just shouldn’t tell your mother,” and she was right because moms need to be moms and not best buddies when you’re  young. Even if I couldn’t tell my mother, though, I knew that I could tell Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane is one of the most open hearted people I know. She is a free spirit and I credit her with helping to instill a little bit of her hippie open mindedness and love for all people in me.

I have been truly blessed by the female role models of my mother, Jane, and then later my mother in law, Sylvia. All three are very different, but all strong women in their own way. Oh to live up to their examples!

Starting the trip at Aunt Jane’s was the perfect way to begin a journey such as this. Positive conversation; clean, clear air; mostly healthy, organic, gluten free food; and a lot of laughter and love! Thanks Aunt Jane!
Today’s song always makes me think of Aunt Jane.  Here’s the link: All You Need is Love by The Beetles

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