The Author

The Author
By Angie Vestal

Spider’s silk, glistening, fragile
Woven in a crown of thorns
A snip of thread, sudden, violent
Ripples tension as she mourns

She feels the gaping rift and shivers
Tears of anguish splashing in
Sweet soporific for soul numbed sadness
Day to night and day again

Each strand is valued, loved and cared for
Each break is grief, and yet she mends
This tapestry of joy and sorrow
Her obligation to attend

The words will stand in testimony
Of the memory, of the pain
But she must weave anew the story
So her thread can live again

Photo by T. Gordon

7 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Thank you for sharing this. What a poignant comparison to a spider web, which is strong and fragile simultaneously.

    I understand the sentiment exactly. I clearly remember the one year mark after my husband of 30 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. As my own heart has opened up again to a new love, I think of you and your B often. Your story has a place in my soul, as it shapes my perspective and focus on what is important in this new relationship.

    I make a point of drinking in every moment, in case it is the last. I make sure I tell him I love him, every day, at least once, in case he will one day miss hearing me say it. I’m thankful every day I get to have him in my life, and consider any time I have with him a blessing and a precious gift.

    The Lord is gracious and does all things well. I’m so glad He put B in your life, and so sad that He took him out. We can’t understand the good in it now, but one day we will. We live on the side of the tapestry with all the knots, but one day we will view it from the Lord’s side.

    Keep taking one day at a time, just the way He delivers them. Also keep writing…it’s a ministry. Thank you. You’re loved.

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  2. Carol, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I write every day to say sane, but sometimes I wonder if anyone needs to hear any of this, if it is worth posting for others to read or not. It is a very vulnerable and uncomfortable thing, laying bare my feelings before others. For some reason I feel compelled to do it, but the people pleaser in me cringes each time I do. To know that any part of my story inspires someone else to express love more freely makes it worth any discomfort I may experience in sharing.


  3. What a lovely poem. Love how well the tale of a spider is captured but also the underlying meaning. Like the ray of hope at the end. Though the spider experiences things not going its way and things falling apart, it continues its life and journey and just mends the broken parts. We need to learn from it and emulate.


    1. Thanks so much for reading it! I wrote this poem from the depth of my grief over the loss of my mother, father, husband, and the love I found after my husband. The threads are the people I love or all of us…because we are all interconnected like the threads in a spider’s web. The spider is the author who could be me or could be the Creator. As I weave my tales those I love live again in my stories, as the Creator weaves, new life is created from the loss of the old.

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