Traveling to the beach today with two 12 year old boys. We have stopped every hour for food because they are “STARVING!” We have the thermostat set at 64 degrees (brrrr!) because they are “SO HOT IN HERE!” I’ve kept the sunroof open and my front windows cracked the entire time just so I can breathe amid the cloud of teenage boy aroma that threatens to choke me…but all of this is worth it just to hear them interact with one another in the backseat. Favorite quote of the day: E to C while discussing his recent school planet project, “Ur-anus is a gas giant! It is 15,000 miles in diameter!” …Roars of wild and uncontrollable laughter from the backseat! (Suppressed giggle from grown woman in the front seat) Boys are hilarious! Admit it, you’re smiling too!


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