48th Birthday

You would have been 48 today. We were just kids when we met over 29 years ago! Such sweet innocence we had then, we truly grew up together. As I continue to grieve you, I am both thankful for the good times and despairing over the not so good. I think we would have worked harder to always be kind and appreciate each other had we known what was to come. But in the end, I am so thankful for the love we had and for what we learned together along the way. You taught me that love is a decision. That warm, fuzzy feeling of new love fades when life gets in the way, when there are diapers to be changed and bills to be paid. At times in our 21 year marriage love came easy and in others it was a daily choice to stay together and work it out, but now I’m so glad we stayed. Overall the good outweighed any bad. I learned more about selflessness and serving others while caring for you as you were dying from cancer than in all of my years of nursing combined. Your acceptance of God’s will for you in life and in death is an example to the children and me of perfect submission. The outpouring of love from the community for you after your death is proof that everyday acts of love and kindness can profoundly affect those around us. Our precious children are your legacy that lives on and you would be so proud of both of them now! We find comfort in our confidence that you are in paradise, without pain or sickness of any kind, and we celebrate your life today, your 48th birthday, by remembering the man we loved and looking forward to the time we will meet again.

3 thoughts on “48th Birthday

      1. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your life with us. Your blogs are beautiful and touching. I am sure they will be helpful to many.

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