Escaping the Buzz

Bare feet in the grass, then cool water running through my fingers, sunshine on my back as I paddle, the chaotic melodies of the wildlife, turtles poking their heads out and poised to jump in if I get too close, the occasional fish jumping out of the water, clean air, and trees! Oh, the trees! This is real life today, the rest of the world is just an irritating electrical buzz.

I wrote the comment above in response to a wonderful blog article about slowing down and enjoying life (see How to Slow Down Time).  These are personal photos and a video of  one of the places I go to escape the buzz, the US National Whitewater Center near Charlotte, NC.  Finding ways to get away from all of the concrete and put my feet on honest ground and in cleansing water is essential to my wellbeing.  Life is all around in these places, waiting to be breathed in and to renew my spirit.

2 thoughts on “Escaping the Buzz

    1. Turtles are my favorite animals. They are a symbol of wisdom. On a normal day out there I’ll see one or two. That day I counted over 50! It was like a sign from God that I’m on the right track. I love those kinds of signs…Truly amazing! All the best to you as well

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